Alestalon mattokutomo Oy

Alestalon mattokutomo Oy is a Finnish company focusing on recycled textile raw materials (nonwoven, selvedge, yarns). We mainly supply to the carpet industry as well as for the cleaning industry (wipes and mops). We have strong ties to India.

Our company is established in 1917.

Today the company focuses on three business lines:
-supply of raw materials for rag rug production.
-supply of nonwoven for mops and wiping.
-supply of fabrics to consumers, retail dealers and manufacturers.
-supply of timber for international customers.

Although our name suggests, we don't weave carpets anymore.


Company's headquarters are located in the city of Lahti, about hundred kilometers north of country's capital Helsinki.

Raw Materials for Rag Rug (chindi) Weavers

Alestalon mattokutomo Oy is world's top supplier of raw material for the rag rug industry. We connect raw material suppliers and weavers around the world. Rag rug weaving is an environmentally friendly way to recycle textile residue.

For centuries the idea behind rag rug weaving has been based on recycling of nature's resources. Goal to protect the environment as well as EU-directives relating to the subject require, from both the producers and consumers, rethinking their attitudes and policies about what raw materials they are going to use. Environmental resources are saved by improving recycling techniques.

Today's rag rug industry is responding to the challenge by using textile industry's by-products as a raw material source.

Here is an article from Recycling International: "Textiles teaser, is it by-product or waste?".

Finland has a long history of being a pioneer in the field of developing rag rug weaving methods. Finnish ideas include for instance tricot-, chenille-, paper- and LP-carpets.

The main raw materials our company delivers are as follows:

Cotton Hosiery Selvedges (Nara) either white, natural white or coloured and Nonwoven Edge Trims (Paperchindi), New trim cutting stripes (cotton and synthetic), woollen yarn, fibers.

Contact us:

Alestalon Mattokutomo Oy
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15110 Lahti
Tel: +358 3 876 200
Fax: +358 3 752 1775

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Kahvakatu 20A
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Managing Director:
Joona Alestalo
Tel: +358 40 7616820
Whatsapp: +358 40 7616820

General email: info(at)
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